Thank you!


It would not have been possible to successfully complete the tour without the help and support of quite some people …

A very special thank you to my wife, wo supported me on the trip and who provided moral support! She encouraged me from the very beginning to go on the trip to Iceland with Lars in the Twizy!

Many thanks to my son, who has always been a great & reliable companion. You are a great guy!

Many thanks to my daughter who let my son and me travel to Iceland and who supported her mother while we were on the road.

Many thanks to our dog who showed her unconditional love when she welcomed us after more than 5 weeks.

Many thanks to Stephan and Silja, who made our trip in East Iceland something very special!

Many thanks to my supervisors who made it possible for me to go on vacation for 6 weeks in a row. Many thanks to my colleagues who stepped in while I was away!

Many thanks to Christoph, Bernhard, Rüdiger, Sven and especially Thomas, who helped us loading the Twizy in the van on day 1!
Many thanks to Kerstin for moral support!
Many thanks to Michael and Klaus, who helped us with our OVMS issues!
Many thanks to Gio for making the winds tabilisers for the windows!
And many thanks to all the RMTT-, RTT- und other Twizy drivers who helped us with our preparations and who followed our trip!

A very special thank you to the people in Iceland who let us charge the Twizy. Without you it would not have been possible to do the trip!

Thank you!


2503 km with the Twizy
1789 km with the Twizy in Iceland
1344 km with the rented van (and the Twizy inside)

84 charging stops
276 kWh energy consumed incl. charging with the generator
10,4 kWh energy produced by the generator

9,1 liter gasoline for the generator
144 liter diesel for the rented van

Unknown consumption of heavy fuel oil for the ferry "Norröna" to Iceland and Faroe Islands
Unknown consumption of marine diesel fuel for the ferry "Stena Jutlandica" from Frederikshavn to Gothenburg
Unknown consumption of methanol for the ferry "Stena Germanica" from Gothenburg to Kiel

€18,80 for electricity (as of 28.8.2019)
€16,27 for gasoline
€175,46 for diesel

Total of €210,53 for electricity, gasoline and diesel