Distance covered on trip

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Day 40: There is no place like home

Like our trip to Flensburg on day 1 we rent a van to get the Twizy back home. I pick up the van in Kiel in the morning. It's a Ford this time which is wider but a bit shorter.

I drive back to our apartment. The Twizy and the trailer fit but there is not much space left.


I lash the Twizy and the trailer, we load our luggage and say goodbye to wife/mother, daughter/sister and our dog. They drive home tomorrow.

There is the usual traffic jam in Hamburg, the next major one is just before Hanover. It feels like there are very long roadworks, separated by short sections of normal "Autobahn".

It takes ages today. After 4 hours we have our first stop and we haven't covered even half of the distance of 580 km.

After almost 9 hours we arrive at home. We unload our luggage/Twizy/trailer and are happy to be back home after 40 days!


Day 38+39: Family Vacation

Holiday by the lake: Family, sun, breeze of fresh air, favourite food, …

We enjoy not being on the road.


Day 37: Kiel, Family

At night the TV switches on by itself a couple of times to show the welcome loop from Stena. "Happy" ist not mentioned which will not make him happy, I guess. I switch off the TV repeatedly.

We get up at 7 in the morning and head for the bar at the deck to get a coffee. We are already in the Kiel fjord.


The ship arrives at Kiel, we go to the car deck and wait to be able to drive off the ship. My wife, my daughter and our dock wait for us in the harbour.

Old VW busses: They match the trams in Gothenburg

We finally get out of the harbour and meet and hug our family! We are finally back together after 5 weeks and one day!

They load part of our luggage and we drive 37 km with 83% battery to Plön, where wife, daughter and dog spent their vacation. We have three days together, before we rent a van to transport the Twizy back home on Thursday.

Lars gets his favourite food: potatoes with curd


We go to the lake's beach.

It feels really good to be back together with the family.

Day 1: Shortcut to Flensburg

We made it to Flensburg with the Twizy and the trailer on board of a van!
We had some problems getting to the car rental agency as important streets were blocked due to the Ironman contest taking place in parallel. We finally made it and were happy that the van has AC - a necessity at 39°C!

Back at home our friends awaited us.




Thanks to Thomas, Christoph, Bernhard, Rüdiger and Sven the Twizy and the trailer were quickly loaded into the van. After saying goodbye to wife/mother and daughter/sister and the dog we headed at 11 o'clock for Flensburg.
Without major traffic jams we arrived in Flensburg at 18:15. We checked in at our hotel and had some fast food.
Tomorrow we will unload the Twizy, bring back the van, send the ramps back home and head for Denmark.