Packed our stuff, leaving tomorrow morning

Trailer and Twizy are ready. We are finally departing tomorrow!
The trailer weights 170 kg. This is within the limits but is still much more than initially thought.

Next steps

  • Copy documents - Done!
  • Pack stuff - Done!
  • and all the other little things to do … - Done! (hopefully we didn't forget anything essential)

Test drive

Everything fits in the trailer so far.


The first test drive with the fully loaded trailer has been successful, although you notice the difference in the acceleration.



  • Complete payment for ferry to Iceland - Done!
  • Make rain cover for Honda generator - Done!
  • Plot car graphics - Done!
  • Design and order business cards - Done!
  • Mount car graphics - Done!
  • Generator oil change - Done!
  • Put together spare parts - Done!
  • Put together first aid kit and medication - Done!
  • Test generator - Done!
  • Fix Twizy door openers - Done!
  • Fasten generator to trailer - Done!
  • Secure windows against heavy winds - Done!
  • Order cover for trailer - Done!
  • Buy waterproof bags - Done!
  • Install 12V plug under dashboard - Done!
  • Install and test onboard WiFi - Done!

Car graphics

Wind screen:





Camping equipment

Tent: Hilleberg Nallo 3
Sleeping pad: Exped Synmat 7
Sleeping bags: Marmot Trestles 23 (comfort temperature +1,9°) and Sea-To-Summit BT4 (comfort temperature -8°)
Stove: Trangia 27 with gas burner

Badly tensioned Hilleberg tent

Route, alternative routes, critical distances

We plan to travel clockwise on the ring road. We will skip Snæfellsnes and the westfjords and spend more time in the north and northeast. We have not spent much time there in the past and it could be easier to charge the Twizy along the coast rather than going the shortest route. At the end we will decide on weather and road conditions.

Island Route
© OpenStreetMap contributers | Marked red are distances of more than 50 km between two theoretical possibilities to charge the Twizy

Using Google Maps we have tried to identify route sections where it could be difficult to charge the car. We plan to use the following approach:
  • We cannot use chargers from ON with the RFID key from Plugsurfing although at not very attractive costs (around €54/100km)
  • We will try to use chargers from Orkusalan, if possible and not too expensive
  • We will charge overnight at campsites
  • We will try to charge at gas stations, cafes, shops or private houses or farms
  • if there is no alternative we need to charge the battery by towing the car or using the generator


We have designed and 3D-printed little keychains as giveaways for letting us charge our Twizy.


Update 14.6.2019: The business cards to go with the keychains were delivered.


Twizy model with trailer

Small warm-up exercise: Matching trailer for a Twizy in 1:87 scale.



Ferry to Iceland ... booked

The ferry to Iceland is booked: two people, car of 5 m length and 1,90 m height, inside cabin.
The ship will leave Hirtshals on July 6th. We will have a short stopover on the Faroe Islands before spending 21 days on Iceland.

Charging networks Iceland



Ladestationen Island
© OpenStreetMap contributors

Network: Orka náttúrunnar
Cost: ISK 17,10 per minute, ISK 20 pro kWh

It is not possible for a foreigner/tourist to obtain an RFID-Card as you need an icelandic Kennitala (isländic ID):

Dear Matthias.
Thank you for your interest in our charging points!

Unfortunately, you can only apply for the key to our charging points (ON-Lykill) if you have an Icelandic ID number (kennitala).
The reason is that our system needs to register each key to a 'kennitala' and it does not recognize foreign ID numbers.

Feel free to contact if you have any further questions

Kær kveðja / Best Regards,
Lára *****
Þjónustufulltrúi þjónustuver / Service Agent - Call Center

Update 29.5.2019: Starting in July it will be possible to use the RFID key from Plugsurfing.

Dear Matthias.
Thank you for your interest in our charging points!

From July 1st, our charging points will be accessible with a Plugsurfing key (RFID), which also gives you access to charging points all around Europe.

Click here to apply for your Plugsurfing (RFID).
We recommend applying for the key in good time just to make sure it has been delivered before you travel to Iceland.

Further information about Plugsurfing can be found here:

Location of our charging points are accessible here: or in our app available for both andiOS.

Kær kveðja / Best Regards,

María *****
Þjónustufulltrúi þjónustuver / Service Agent - Call Center

Anbieter: Orkusalan
Cost: vary

Hello Matthias
Stoppu-stuð chargers in Iceland was a gift to all the local communities in to help electric car owners across the country, it is under each municipality to take care of the operation of the station.
Most stations are open, if not there are key card at the nearest service center at the station.

Here are all stations in iceland:

f you have more questions then feel free to contact os so we can make your stay in Iceland even better J

Best regards
Friðrik ***** │ Energyconsultant

Charging network Faroe Islands


Faroe Islands

Ladestationen Faröer
© OpenStreetMap contributors

Network: SEV
Cost: DKK 500/month

The charging price is DKK 500 a month, which is the minimum fee. To charge your EV you will need an RFID tag, which can be obtained at the SEV headquarters at Landavegur 92 in Tórshavn. Payment for the RFID tag must be made in advance by transfering DKK 500 to our Bank Nordik bank account: 6460-1850026, and be sure to note your license plate number.
Please bring documentation for the transfer when you pick up your RFID tag.


We cannot fit everything we need into the Twizy. We will travel with a small trailer to carry all our stuff (clothes for all weathers and climate zones, sleeping bags, tent, cooking stuff, camera equipment etc.).

We can carry a maximum of 123 kg. Hopefully it is much less.

Dimensions (Twizy + Trailer)
  • Length 4,10 m
  • Width 1,24 m
  • Height 1,46 m