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Day 36: Ferry to Gothenburg, ferry to Kiel

They get up at 4 o'clock in the room opposite to us. I guess they have to catch the earlier ferry to Gothenburg. I cannot sleep anymore and use the time to take a shower.
They don't like care much about details in this Bed & Breakfast (minus breakfast). The sink in our room is 4 cm away from the wall on one side, the toilet ("The One") is not mounted correctly and the shower curtain is not big enough. You can choose between flooding the sink area or the toilet. I chose to give both a chance to get wet and use an extra towel to clean up the mess.

Lars sleeps until 6:30, we pack our stuff and head for the ferry terminal to Gothenburg. We are directed to the lane with trucks.

Our total length, Twizy with trailer, is 4,10 meters, still less than what a regular car could be. Nevertheless they forced us to book an extra ticket for the trailer. The trailer itself could have a maximum length of 4 meters, just a bit short of our 4,10 meters. This is just crazy. Or greedy.
On the ferry we get parked right next to the motor bikes because we are tiny and cute.

We are now with the cool guys

We wait in the café. It's not open yet and later we hear that it will not open at all. But they have a cart where you can buy pricey but bad coffee.

3 hours and 15 minutes to Gothenburg lie ahead of us.

The ship arrives on time and we are one of the first cars who can disembark. Border control doesn't want to check ID cards but ask me to do an alcohol test. Not much of a surprise we can continue. We park the car nearby and walk to downtown Gothenburg.


There is a Hard Rock Cafe in Gothenburg, we are hungry and we get some burgers there. Lars is happy and we are both filled up completely.

Bad-ass tram in Göteborg

After some walking around downtown Gothenburg we buy something to eat for later and go back to our car and drive to the ferry terminal for the ferry to Kiel.

Crane at Gothenburg harbour

Check-in for the ferry to Kiel starts at 3 pm and shortly after we arrive there and can directly go on board of the ship.
We stroll around the ship.

More cranes

At 17:45 Uhr the ship leaves for Kiel and the way we came in this morning we also get out in the evening.

Kids are now able to meet Happy, the friendly porpoise, Stena's mascot. Lars doesn't want to meet Happy and I drown my frustration with one (!) beer. Take this, blood-alcohol-test from this morning!