Faroe Islands

Distance covered on trip

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Day 11: Waiting for the Ferry to Seyðisfjörður

I am feeling a better but I am still not really fit.
We have breakfast, pack our stuff and load the Twizy's trailer. We decide to stay in the guest house's public area which has internet until 12:45 before we head to Tórshaven's only shopping center. Lars want to have burgers again, which might be the better choice compared to fish & chips if he decides to get sea sick again tonight.

We drive to the harbour and check.in. The ferry is scheduled for 18:00 tonight.


The weather is nasty and we decide not to stroll around the harbour once more.
At around 5 pm the Norröna arrives and we follow the unloading of goods and cars and other vehicles,

Ok, "Traveling to the Faroe islands in a Twizy" is nothing against this!

We have the same cabin as on our trip to the Faroe Islands. Lars is not happy, I like it.
I have something to eat, Lars doesn't want anything. He is afraid of getting seasick again.


We travel along islands and fjords before the ship heads to Iceland.

Day 10: Time-Out

We planned to do a day-long trip today but instead of taking the ferry to Mykines and go for a longer hike to see puffins we had to stay in Tórshavn. I don't feel well and we better stay in the guest house.
I felt dizzy since leaving the ferry and it became worse today. I am also really tired and I am either cold or sweating. I lay in bed and Lars reads a book.

Lonely Twizy in the guest house's car park

We take the bus to central Tórshavn to get some lunch. That'll be it for today,
I hope I will feel better soon. In Iceland we won't have the comfort of a hotel or guest house. We will have to stay in a tent.

Day 9: Tórshavn

We slept well but are still very tired.
The breakfast is really great and we talked to the receptionist/owner. He does this only for six weeks each year, when the building is not used as a boarding school. He let us charge our Twizy.

We still feel dizzy and decide to take the bus to the center of Tórshavn. The buses are free! Something that they should also do back home!


We check with the tourist info on how to get to Sørvágur by bus tomorrow for the boat to Mykines, especially if we can make it back in the evening. We walk around Tórshavn before taking the bus back to the hotel. We decide to take a short ride with the Twizy. The roads are very steep and the battery discharges very quickly that's why we head back and decide to visit Tórshavn's shopping center where we have lunch.


Back in the hotel we relax and prepare for the coming days.

Day 8: Ferry to the Faroe Islands

At 2 o'clock in the morning we both wake up. The ship is shaking and you can hear the waves hitting the ship.
We sleep until 10 o'clock, take a shower and have breakfast. Lars ist still not feeling well an sticks to toast while I have some Muesli and a coffee.

Around noon we pass by the Shetland Islands.
Lars is still not hungry. He hopes to be able to eat something unhealthy later.
He reads a book, I take a look at he pictures we did and work on the blog.

At 22:30 local time we arrive at Tórshavn. It takes a while before we can leave the ship. The streets are very steep and the Twizy has problems making it to the top. Somehow we manage to make it.

View from the hotel at midnight

The hotel is a boarding school outside of the summer months. It is basic but clean and we don't care. We go to bed and continue to do rides on a rollercoaster.